Hokkaido Travel is 5 - 7 discount per night until March next year!

Enjoy the autumn leaves and powder snow in Asahikawa!


「 北海道旅行の旅費 が、5割引〜 7割引 引きに !」

政府は北海道地震後の "復興割 " を10月1日分から来年3月にかけて開催します。
The government will hold "recovery split" after the Hokkaido earthquake from October 1 to March next year.
Japanese people are allowed to stay for up to three nights and foreigners will be discounted for 5 nights.

< 旭川情報 Asahikawa >

Asahidake is the top of Hokkaido and is a sacred place for advanced skiers.
旭岳 ラーメン村      Asahidake Ramen mura


Diamond Dust !! 
The temperature of the winter of Asahikawa is minus 20 ℃ below!
Snow Crystal (diamond dust) flies in the air!

Snow Crystal !! 
< Furano Area >

Furano hokkaidou(English)

富良野滑雪場 北海道(簡中)

< Local Asahikawa ski resort >  12月1日 OPEN

kamui Link(English)


旭川空港(Asahikawa Air port) インフォメーション

安全の冬でも 99.1%の就航率



If it snows, it will be delayed, and if it is a snowstorm, it cannot land.
We wiped out such anxiety with a thorough snow removal system!
Asahikawa Airport has a safe service rate of 99.1% even in midwinter, which continues to snow. We have a safe environment for you to use.

Asahikawa Asahiyama Zoo

You can enjoy the Penguin walk every day during the winter at Asahiyama Zoo !

You can enjoy the Powdwe snow & the Penguin walk every day during the winter at Hokkaidou Asahikawa city.